Even more applications for concrete slabs

Garages, shelters, utility rooms, and garden systems are excellent applications for our durable elements.

sheds and garages
Utility rooms
composters, flowerbeds

Shelters, garages or utility rooms made from our elements are an excellent solution that combines the simplicity and speed of execution with the functionality of a brick garage. These are structures whose size can be individually adjusted to your needs, without the need to apply for a building permit.

Garage, shelter

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A building made of concrete slabs can serve many functions, from a utility room, through a garage, to a gazebo in allotment gardens. The versatility of such buildings is vast and provides endless possibilities, for a very affordable price.

Utility room

no. 239

Prefabricated concrete slabs are an excellent choice for those who want to construct a practical and durable utility room. Thanks to their versatility, our concrete slabs offer endless possibilities, allowing you to create a space tailored to your needs, from a garage, through a utility room, to a gazebo in allotment gardens. And all of this at a very affordable price, making this solution accessible to a wide range of customers.


no. 237

If you are planning to build a robust and efficient compost bin, our prefabricated concrete slabs are an excellent choice. Thanks to their versatility, you can design a compost bin that meets all your expectations. The durability of the concrete ensures the longevity of the structure, while also creating the perfect conditions for the composting process. We offer all of this at a competitive price, affordable for a broad group of customers.

Flower beds and planters

no. 239

Do you want to give your garden or terrace a unique character? Our prefabricated concrete slabs allow for the creation of unique flower beds and planters. The concrete from which they are made guarantees durability and resistance to weather conditions, and the variety of shapes and sizes offers the opportunity to adapt to individual needs. Most importantly, all of this is available at a competitive price, adapted to the financial capabilities of various customer groups.

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