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Entrance and driveway gates
mesh fence

Metal panel fences

We create functional and aesthetic panel fences, which are mainly characterized by minimalism and little interference with the garden environment or other property elements. This type of span is well known to everyone, as it constitutes the majority of Polish security systems for both companies and private single-family properties, and even estates. We assure you that the metal security structures we propose are made from the highest class materials of Polish production, over the quality of which we personally watch. This guarantees you a product made with the utmost attention to detail and resistant to external conditions and mechanical damage.

Metal fences made of mesh or fence panels

Minimalism and little interference with the surroundings of your property - this is provided by metal fences made using hot-dip galvanizing. They are something that we all know well - it is a very popular system for both companies and single-family homes. We assure that the fence nets proposed by us are made of the highest quality materials of Polish manufacture, which are characterized by durability, resistance to adverse external conditions (thanks to hot-dip galvanizing, which serves as an effective anti-corrosion protection) and the possibility of using prefabricated foundation walls.

Swing or sliding gates and wickets

The offer of our elements is adapted to all fence systems available in our assortment.

Thanks to this, you can comprehensively equip yourself with elements that will become the showcase of every property. We provide our customers with the highest quality wickets, as well as sliding and swing gates. As a manufacturer, we ensure the adaptation of the above to the style of the remaining elements. Importantly, the swing and sliding gates available in our offer are adapted to various types of opening systems: manual or automatic. As a manufacturer, we guarantee the highest quality of our entrances and wickets, which will work well with standard panels or mesh.


Foundation walls are an essential element of many fencing solutions - it's worth looking through our offer when choosing metal fences.

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